Monday, December 31, 2012

A look at 2012

January ~                 
JR turned 2
Jeff took part in a conference in Chicago
I met my annual medical deductible

February ~
JR and Mama took trip to Iowa to see our cousins
JR had her first visit to the dentist
Jeff attended a conference in Denver

March ~
My first attempt at 108 sun salutations
JR hosted her first annual Tea Party: A Chamomille Tea Party
I celebrated my third Lebanese Mother's Day

April ~
A family trip to Seattle
Jeff went to work in Vancouver, BC
JR planted her garden
JR brought fish home

May ~
Jeff turned 42
I decided to start blogging again
We spent a weekend in Charlottesville
JR and I had our third Mothers' Day photo shoot

June ~
Jeff flew to San Francisco
We got pregnant
JR, Teta, and I had a girls' weekend in Charlottesville
I did my second round of 108 sun salutations, and completed the challenge
JR held her second annual Tea Party: A Lemonade "Tea Party"

July ~
Our marriage turned 8
Jeff presented a paper in Hilsinki
JR had her first ever chocolate chip cookie

August ~
A family weekend in Colonial Williamsburg
A long weekend in New Hampshire

September ~
I turned 35
Our pregnancy turned 12 weeks
JR and I spent time in Seattle, Jeff stayed home

October ~
Our pregnancy turned 20 weeks
A family get-away to New York
Bed rest began at 18 week
We survived Hurricane Sandy

November ~
Jeff pulled off Thanksgiving dinner single-handedly
JR hosted her third annual Tea Party: An Apple Tea Party
Our pregnancy became "viable"

December ~
I did not pass my one-hour glucose test
We spent one last family of three getaway in Charlottesville
Jeff finished his second to last semester of classes for his Ed.D.

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