Friday, December 21, 2012

High Risk Pregnancy "Favorite" Things ~ 3

... In alphabetical order

Belly ~ I am so blessed to still be growing one.
And reamain anxiously monitoring its continued growth.  

Friends ~ who have been seeing me through this time in my life, both in person and from a distance.
They cook, clean, watch JR, bring treats and gifts, keep me entertained, hear me complain,
listen to me cry, and make me smile. They sympathise and empathise.
They text and call and email.
They keep me going.

Journal ~ because handwriting has become so scarce.
Nothing compares to writing out my words and thoughts. 
Typing them comes close but when the computer is out of reach, or broken, or low on charge, I can trust that my pen and paper will come through.

Little Girls ~ if Mama has a baby in her belly, so does JR!
When the day comes JR will have a baby sister, a baby brother, a dog, a cat, a fish and a pet lion.
Mama will just have one baby. Who wouldn't want to be JR!
Motorized shopping carts ~ how else would I navigate the aisles getting ready for JR's birthday!
I miss walking. I miss browsing. I miss being "able."
But when I got a chance to be "more" involved, I took it,
even if it meant relying on "wheels" in the store.

Teta ~ who lives conveniently close.
Without Teta JR would be sporting dreadlocks (and enjoying them!)
we would be eating frozen meals every day (and gaining more weight than we need to),
and the apartment would be covered with inches of dust (in addition to all the toys, books, and dolls that are already strewn all around).

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