Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seconds at Second Street

Little did I know that the best thing about our time in Williamsburg was going to be our meals at Second Street. I am usually not a fan of eating out at restaurants, so when we go on vaccations my top concern is usually where we will be eating and what we will be eating. While our first lunch of the trip was a little bit of a disappointment, we more than made up for it by finding this American bistro.

Not only was the atmosphere welcoming and family friendly, the staff was great. The bonus; the food was simply delicious. Actually the food was so good, we ended up eating all of our vacation mealss there; two dinners and one lunch! My favorite off the menu was the Grilled Romaine Salad; never has a salad from a place other than my kitchen tasted so good. I had for both Sunday night and Monday night's dinners, and that was all I ordered. The salad was so big I could hardly finish it, especially when you think of how I filled up on the freshly baked bread dipped in fruity olive oil that arrived right before our entrees. Did I mention the price was right, too? That was a double bonus. At the end of the meal you walked back to your car through the smells of freshly baked cookies and got treated to bite sized samples.

So while Colonial Williamsburg itself did not leave an unforgettable mark on me, I am going to miss my meals at Second Street. It is too bad that we live two and a half hours away. Or maybe it is just as well, because otherwise they would have had to name a table, or two, after me!

This is what the salad looked like coming out of the kitchen.

Half-way through devouring it.

"All gone," as JR would put it.

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