Friday, November 2, 2012

JR's Apple "Tea" Party: Show Time

The party was well worth the wait. JR woke up bright and early to help with the set up and pose for pictures. All that remained to be done was bake the pies, make the mini apple-shaped red french toast and set the table. Everything else was ready to go.
At 10:00am the guests started arriving and the party was a hit. The food was the first order of business, then crafts, then free play. It was another sad goodbye, but JR's next party is just around the corner. Stay tuned for what JR has in store next. 
Once the platter was lined, JR wanted to pose with her "baby" for the photo.
The apple pie-french toast wreath.

Showing off the table.
Taste test; got to make sure everything is right for my friends.

More photos of the hostess.

With Mama, and Baba; got to love those two!
Craft time. Coloring apples and leaves for JR's Apple Tree of Friendship.

Don't forget the party favors.

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