Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting ready for JR's 3rd ~ the invitations

 Before I send out the "formal" invitations to any even JR is hosting,
I always like to send out a Save The Date email. Above was created from a Clipart image I found online.

Once the email goes out and I hear back from the guests,
I start working on the traditional paper invites.
For this party, I decided to create multi-colored invites to match the multi-colored balloons
JR will have at her party.

What you need:

* Craft paper cut into 5 X 7 rectangles
* Multicolored plain balloons
* Ribbon
* Stickers for extra decorations
* Sharpie pen, I went with red
* Scissors

The invitation itself will be written on the balloons.
To do that, blow up the balloon just a little, and while holding it shut with one hand,
write down the details of the invite with the other using the sharpie pen.

You will end up with something similar to the above.
The writing is not exactly straight, but that comes with the fact that the balloon itself is not!

Deflate the balloon.
Puncture two holes in your craft paper and thread the ribbon through both sides.
Insert the tip of the balloon between the ends of the ribbon, tighten and tie the ribbon from the back.
Decorate with stickers and add any fun phrase you want to the invitation.

I decided to put the address on the back of the card so as not to crowd the front
or have too much writing on the balloon itself.
You now have yourself a fun, creative birthday invite
the recipients will enjoy until the birthday itself.

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