Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple "Tea" Party: Favors

Every good hostess knows you should not send your guests home empty handed. A party favor is a wonderful way to conclude the event, say good-bye, and leave a lasting memory.
For her first Tea Party, Jannah-Rae strung together a teapot cookie cutter and a bag of camomile for her guests.


At her Lemon "Tea" Party, the guests each received a personal lemon cake, and its recipe, to take home.
For her upcoming Apple "Tea" Party, Jannah-Rae decided to put together an apple basket for her friends. The process of assembling the gift baskets served as both our activity of the day and our art project. The final result was arrived at after a small demonstration, a little frustration, and much collaboration. With steedy encouragement and a small snack, JR actually put many of these baskets together herself.
To put these gift baskets together, JR and I scouted our favorite grocery store for fruit baskets. We got lucky and they gave us a handful for free. Next, we visited our craft store for the apples and pipe cleaners. We could have also bought the green grass there, but we already had that on hand from left-over spring packaging. 

With some paint and creativity we set on our task.

It was a beautiful Fall day, so we spread out on our covered patio to enjoy the sun and watch the people while we worked.

With a pair of scissors, I poked holes through either side of the basket for the pipe cleaner handle. JR was frustrated at fist at not being able to string the cleaner through the hole, then after a few tries, she became skilled.

Once the handle was in place, it was time for the grass. Just enough to top off the basket.

First, we put an apple tree leaf.

Then, each basket got a green apple,

and, a red one.

With six on hand, our work was done.




  1. Hey!! I really found these apple tea party favors amazing. Have never tried something like this as party favors. Couple of days back has arranged my daughter’s tea party at one of San Francisco event venues. There I managed everything perfectly and had lovely party favors for the guests.