This is me

This is me, Ranya. Or rather, this is how I used to be. This photo was taken in what now seems ages ago in Nashville, TN, but was really four years ago in 2008. At that time I was a wife, daughter and office manager for a government contractor. I practiced yoga 5 times a week, went out to dinners, took off on vacations without much forward planning, and cooked, cleaned, and talked on the phone for endless hours.

Since then I transformed into Mama Ranya, and with my new title many changes came about. I quit my job, redid my wardrobe and edited my phone book. I made new friends, read a lot of new books and took on many new activities. I struggle to find time for yoga, to clean, to write and talk on the phone. I cook as often as I can, and spend as much time as I can with my two JR's. I sleep a lot less, talk a lot more, and enjoy being who I am.

I write about my life, places I have been, books I have read, foods I have enjoyed. I recount my journey, my challenges and aspirations. I share my photos. Come along; share the memories.

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  1. Welcome to the profession of motherhood! Enjoy the journey, there is so much love, fun, exploration, and adventure to be found, as I'm sure you are finding!


    Andrea :)