Friday, December 7, 2012

High Risk Pregnancy "Favorite" Things ~ 1

... In alphabetical order

Bed (with or without JR!) ~ the hours I have spent here: eating, drinking, snuggling, sleeping, resting, reading, writing, playing, thinking, praying. But this bed is not coming with us on our next move. I think it has served its purpose and needs to be replaced in our next phase in life.

Couch ~ yes, it is dressed up with a sheet. So much of life happens on this couch lately that I needed to preserve some of its integrity by covering it up. This couch was sent to me from Lebanon and I want to stretch its life span as much as I can.

Insurance ~ what has saved our savings through the numerous doctor visits, hospital stays and sonograms.

Laptop ~ when I don't want to get up to the couch, I use it as an alternative to the TV. JR and I also spend quality time in front of it "reading" books online.

Money ~ while being pregnant with JR, I was actually "making" money. This time I am "spending" it. But its all a small price to pay for what the future holds: another little miracle that will one day grow into a wonderful human being.

Online Shopping  ~ the only way JR acquired warm boots and pants for the season.

Prescriptions and OTC medicines ~ for someone who has a personal dislike to pills, I have become a devoted "pill-popper." I have 3 that I take daily, 2 that I take multiple times a day, and 1 that I call upon occasionally. I even have a list of medications that I now carry with me, lest I forget to report one or two.

Wheelchair ~ my new form of transportation. Our building manager was kind enough to lend me one she had and saved me the hassle of having to go through the motions to get one on my own.

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