Friday, December 14, 2012

High Risk Pregnancy "Favorite" Things ~ 2

... In alphabetical order

Cerclage ~ the reason I still have a baby growing inside of me at 26 weeks. A simple procedure with life-changing effects.

E-mail ~ and not just to stay in touch with friends. But also to get in touch with my OB when he is out of phone reach on the weekends, holidays and on travel.

Endovaginal Ultrasounds ~ the technology that allowed the doctor to discover my incompetent cervix, and the method by which we continue to monitor my progress. This is a shout out to machines!

Free parking ~ how I am getting rich! While I used to have to pay $4 per doctor visit just for parking, we now have access to free parking both at my OB's office and at the specialist's office. Talk about cost adding up when you have doctor visits almost every week.

Glucose tolerance test ~ both because I made it this far in my pregnancy to be able to take it, and because I am able to take it home! The test itself is unappetizing, but what is stands for speaks volumes.

Nurses ~ they are heaven sent. I have loved all the nurses that have been involved in my care. I honestly do not know how they do it.

Speed Dial ~ unlike most people I have my OB's and MFM's phone numbers on speed dial. That's how I can get to them with a click of a button instead of going through my phone book.

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