Friday, January 4, 2013

High Risk Pregnancy "Favorite" Things ~ 4

Books ~ hours of learning, snuggling, and fun. On the couch, in the bed, or on the floor.
From the library, the shelf, or online.
A story book, a coloring book, or even a sticker book.
In Arabic, or English.
Hard cover, paper back, or even soft books.
As long as it is a book,
JR wants us to read it.

Braxton Hicks ~ only because I have made it far enough in the pregnancy for them to become par for the course, and because I have the means to ensure they do not turn into more than just "practice runs."

Couch, or rather the back of the couch ~ because I need somewhere to store my stuff while I recline for hours on end in one spot.
Throughout the day JR brings me books, puzzles, the iPad,
packages, the mail, the camera, you name it, 
and I stash them where my arms can reach and where they do not get in the way.
By the end of the day, the back of the couch becomes our new storage area. 
Some days can even find empty plates, water bottles, and power chargers sitting there.

Fetal Kick Counter ~ while I do not feel like I really need it, it is another milestone in this pregnancy. This baby has been quite active since I hit my second trimester
and it is fun to feel, and share with Jeff and JR, all the commotion,
while being able to see my belly move up and down with every movement.

Friday night family dinners ~ a new tradition I look forward to!
I am allowed a few outings a week, and I chose to spend it family style;
eating out!
We usually frequent a favorite diner, but some Fridays we mix it up:
Indian, pizza, Afghan, Asian.
The rarity of the outings makes them more valuable,
and renders the act of "eating out" more of a tradition
than just a mere banality.

Showers ~ every third day, if I am lucky.
Unfortunately, I have to make choices and somehow showers always end up
on the bottom of the list. But when I do indulge in one,
all I can say is that it is a true indulgence.
I do not take any activity for granted anymore,
and I certainly do treat this one like a treasure.

Road trip ~ because it is well-deserved,
 and because both my OB and my specialist said I could go!
Of course I spent most of my time reclined in the car,
or being pushed around in the wheelchair,
or sitting in bed at the hotel,
but at least I got to spend one last vacation with
Jeff and JR before the newest member is physically among us.
The change in scenery was worth the effort it took to get there,
and the time we spent was precious in every way.
Next road trip, there will be four of us!

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