Friday, January 11, 2013

Sweet Revenge

When they say it is the little things in life, they really mean it is the little things. Like a chocolate croissant and a bottle of cranberry juice for breakfast when for days I worried about eating this and eating that, and cutting out all sweets, and giving away chocolate and cake, and resisting juice. But when the phone rang and I saw the number and heard the voice on the other end, the choice was obvious. For all the self questioning of what I can and cannot eat, should and should not eat, and will and won't eat, downing that sugar infused treat after sitting, or rather lying down, through excruciating three hours at the lab, getting pricked four times, being denied a drink of water and needing an official approval to take my medicine, seemed like the sweetest revenge. And, it was! The remainder of this pregnancy, and bed rest, will not be clouded by food decisions and worry over gestational diabetes and the health of this baby. Rather, it will continue along the same routine: getting by with the help of my friend and family and counting down to delivery time.

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