Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy new year

We are only 15 days into the new year and yet all it has brought has been happy news.

  • I am still pregnant
  • My cerclage is holding up, my cervix is still "long" and my uterus lining is thick
  • I do not have gestational diabetes
  • I saw the maternal fetal medicine doctor for the last time yesterday
  • Our family is entirely up-to-date on vaccinations, so no more shots before the baby comes
  • I pre-registered at the hospital for the baby's birth, and scheduled the delivery for 39 weeks
  • The construction work on our patio is finally done and we have our "play room" back
  • It has been a mild winter so far
  • My mother-in-law will be helping us for two weeks, which gets me to 34 weeks
  • Jeff started his last doctoral semester
  • JR tunred 3 surrounded by friends and family
  • I managed to cook some meals for my family, with plenty of help prepping and cleaning up 

While I am sure life will surprise us plenty in the days to come, having these positive landmarks to look back on will make the journey more pleasant and enjoyable.

Happy New Year!

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