Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glass Door

"Have you gotten over your fear of "messiness" yet?" I hear my mind asking my heart that question more regularly than ever these days. With a very active toddler around, a small space, and the cold and wet season upon us I am slowly reaching the point of having to fiercely face my fear. While during the summer we managed a couple of  "controlled messiness" episodes outside of our home, this winter we will have a new challenge to either keep the mess outside, control it inside, or live with it. Today, I chose to try out the last two. I figured; what do I have to lose except for a couple of hours of clean-up afterwards. So this is what JR and I spent our morning doing:

Painting our Patio Glass Door!!

At first JR was shy with the brush. She was not sure what Mama was up to. Paint on the door! Was it for real? "Why?" she asked. "Because it is fun," I responded. But still she hesitated.

A few minutes later, a smile showed up on her face. I can do this, she probably thought, I have not gotten in trouble yet!
So, she could adventurous; "Can I paint with my hands?"
"Of course," I beamed. And, so the hands went to work on their own.

A little at first.

And then, all bets were off!

At one point, she thought her hands got too messy, so she went back to the brush; a bigger brush this time.
And, she wanted to paint, "way up high," as far as she could reach.

Tired of the brushes, and completely into the activitiy now, her imagination let loose.
She grabbed the dot-a-dot markers and started pounding on the glass. The sound was music to my ears. My little girl was not only getting creative, she was also taking chances.

After a while, she was done. And this was her masterpiece.
It will stay up for a while; a reminder that a mess can be fun.

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