Monday, June 18, 2012

Splashing in Puddles ~ Part Two

After our first attempt at messiness controlled, JR and I decided to have another "splashing in puddles" excursion. She wanted to have fun and I wanted to see if I have increased both our levels of "messiness toleration".

Well, it turned out that I do have a little bit of a neat freak in that little girl. For 20 minutes she giggled and laughed and played off the same routine. She would jump in the mud, roll her feet around in it to make sure her galoshes (special thanks to Sesame Street for introducing me to the formal word for rain boots), then head towards the running water and rinse first the left boot, and then the right, off. Her next step would be to inspect her now clean lady bug boots and wash her hands before resuming the activity once more. At the end of the session, she willingly posed for me to show off her happy, wet self. See above photo for illustration.

So, at the end of the day we learned that mud is fun and messy is okay. I grew more comfortable with filth and extra laundry, as long as they both were left at the doorstep or went straight to the bathtub and did not drag on my relatively clean floors. But, we still need a little more practice to decrease JR's "neatness factor".

"A dirty child is a happy child!"  I will make sure JR gets plenty of chances to get dirty, and get comfortable with it.

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