Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple "Tea" Party: Name Place Trees

Jannah-Rae's friends will always know where to sit when they join her at her formal parties. When they came to the Tea Party, their names were spelled out on a teapot cutout.

At the Lemon "Tea" Party, a half lemon held their names on a leaf.
This time, an apple tree will bear their first initials amongst the apples.
To make the name place trees, I first had to have enough empty toilet paper rolls. For this, I called upon my friends and family and together we collected six; the number of girls in attendance. With a small cover-up job, these were then transformed into the tree trunks. Green craft paper and an online template produced the crown of the tree. Red paint spots formed the apples, and white foam letter stickers created the indicators.

Start out with blank green craft paper and toilet paper roll.

Cover the toilet paper roll with brown craft paper, then paint the paper with brown tempra paint to desired shade.
Dot the tree cut-out with red tempra paint.

Stick the appropriate letters in the center of the tree.
 Cut slits on the side of the "trunk," and insert "crown" into it.
Behold the finished prduct.

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