Thursday, October 25, 2012

looking out

There was once a summer,
a little girl,
a fountain.
There was a Mama,
a swim suit,
a car.
There was a journey,
a destination,
an afternoon together.
A parking spot,
a bench,
a beach bag.
Then, it began.
Standing there,
Looking out,
Do I?
Should I?
Could I?
Can I, Mama?
Can I, Baba?
Can I try?
A minute to wonder,
to appreciate,
to take it all in.
A lifetime to live.
It all starts with a minute,
a second,
a chance.
It all ends the same way, too.
To hold this minute,
To grasp its meaning,
its endlessness,
its essence.
She hesitated a bit.
Then dashed on in,
heart, body and soul.
And, once in, that was all there was.
That is all there ever is.

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