Friday, October 5, 2012

Apple "Tea" Party: Invitations

The date is set. The invitations are out. We are counting down to Jannah-Rae's third tea party of the year. The theme this time: Apples! After all, it is Fall.

Take a look at the invites. I like to be creative with my cards, while being frugal at the same time. JR hosts enough of these a year that I try not to spend too much on the preparations for the party, saving my money instead to splurge on good ingredients for the menu. So, I out the invitations together myself using "recycled" Christmas cards and red craft paper, and the internet for templates.

Cut out the letter A and an apple shape.

Use any outdated greeting cards you have on hand. I typically have a ton of Christmas cards left over from the previous year.

Through trial and error I come up with the right size of items to stick on top of the Christmas card image.
I used plain paper to cover the text inside the card. Then, include the pertinent information on the party.


Address the inviations with the girls' first names. Seal and hand-deliver, because it is more fun for JR to hand out the invitations to her friends and for her friends to be receiving them in person.

And, in the spirit of getting ready for the party, JR asked me to paint an apple on her foot. This gave me an idea for the party; face-paint apples on the girls.

Stay tuned for more on the Apple Tea Party in the coming weeks. 

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