Friday, October 12, 2012

Apple "Tea" Party: Taste Test

While I consider myself a good cook, I do not think I am an equally good baker. I have a few tried and true cake recipes, and I make some pretty good chocolate chip cookies, but when it comes to more "elaborate" desserts, I tend to shy away. Pie, more specifically pie dough, is one of these concoctions that I find extremely challenging. I treid my hands at home-made pie dough once and decided this was one that was worth more store-bought than home-made. The filling, however, is a different story. Once I have the ready-made dough, I can, and have, fill it up effortlessly. Its just the first step that is the hardest.

That being said, I decided that nothing is more suitable for an Apple "Tea" Party than apple pie, and more specifically mini-apple pie. How fun, and cute, would it be if each of the girls had her own individual pie set in front of her. It would make for an attractive table setting, too! Once the idea formed in my mind, I set out to execute it. The first item on the agenda was having the necessarty tools on hand. From the kitchen store I bought an apple-shaped cookie cutter, and from the grocery store, the ready-made pie dough. Then, I needed apples - I love Granny Smith - sugar, eggs, and cinammon.

With everything on hand, and JR napping, I threw together my trial run of these miniature pies. Below is a step-by-step tuturial should you be interested in replicating it one day.

Bring the dough to room temperature.
Roll it out, and cut it in even numbers with the cookie cutter.

Aren't these cute!

In a sauce pan, cook until soft the chopped apples, sugar and cinammon
(add sugar and cinammom to taste).

Fill half the cut-outs.

Cover the filling with the other half of the cutouts.
Pinch the edges with the edge of a fork to close the pies.
Cut a small slit in the top half to allow steam through.
Brush tops with egg wash.
Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes.

And Voila! Mini apple pies!

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