Saturday, July 28, 2012

Signs of (my) Life

The dishes piled up in the sink; The laundry waiting to be folded;
The dirty floors; the trash needing to be taken out; the mail that needs sorting.
These are the signs of my life.

The five changes of clothes a day;
Washing the crib sheets every day;
Serving food and drinks to my child and all her dolls at every meal;
Taking those dolls with us whereever we go.
These are the signs of my life.

The toys splattered all over the floor;
The tiny apartment turned a large playroom;
The tricycle, push car, baby stroller, and scooter parked in the living room;
The five purses, umbrella, and three hats hanging on the toddler coat rack by the door;
These are the signs of my life.

The children's library books stacked up on the night table waiting to be read again;
The baby shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion crowding the bathroom window sill;
The food pouches, plastic spoons, BPA-free containers, and water bottles;
These are the signs of my life.

Preparing snacks every morning, special meals during the day, and watered down juice;
Watching Elmo, Arabic Alphabet and Mary Poppins videos;
Playing Farmers Market, Hotel, Airplane, and Going to Work;
These are the signs of my life.

Playdates, gym classes, arts and crafts, and story times;
Jumping in puddles; running through the sprinklers; splashing in fountains;
Collecting rubber duckies, balloons and stickers;
Enjoying the little things;
These are the signs of my life.

My life has been taken over by my daughter;
She occupies my heart; she occupies my home.
She is the sign of my life.


  1. I chuckled through this entire post! I have two little boys they will be 2 and 4years old in a couple of months. We have trains instead of dolls otherwise, I can relate completely, right down to the floors and mail! :) It is a beautifully messy experience, isn't it... mommyhood. Love this post.

    1. Thanks Jess. It sure is! This post is a great reminder!