Saturday, July 7, 2012

going on vacation; a photo story

Here is the story of a little girl who found a suitcase and decided to go on vacation.

"Mama, let's go on vacation," she said.
"Okay," I replied. "What shall we take with us?"
"Cups, water, shoes, clothes, lotion, Baby Nana, Teddy Bear, and all my toys."

So, she starts packing.....

Then, she stops and thinks.
"I forgot something," she informs me.

"My new shirt!"
Of course, how could we forget!

"Ok! I'm ready," she states.
Let's close it up.
"Mama, help me! Zip it"
Wouldn't have it any other way.

Ok, now to lift it off the floor.
"It's too heavy Mama."
"You can do it, Jannah-Rae."

And, she is on her way!
"Where are you going, Jannah-Rae?"
"On vacation!"

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