Sunday, July 15, 2012

relaxing; a photo story

Here is the story of a little girl who had such a busy morning, she just wanted to relax when she got back home.

Here I am back from my long morning looking cute. 
It is hard being this precious.
People want to touch my hair all the time; 
that is why I decided on this hat,
it keeps the nosy hands away.

I think I will sit on the couch. Yes, the white one.
Of course I still have my shoes on.
I know I am not allowed to wear my shoes around the house,
 I am so tired though I will ignore the rules - just this once!
But I do not feel rested yet.
The couch is too big and my feet are hanging in the air.

Maybe if I scoot down a little my tired little feet will touch the ground.
Not a chance. I need longer legs, or a smaller couch.
Well, neither is happening any time soon.
So maybe I should try hanging out somewhere else.

How about the bed? My parents' bed. Shoes and all, how else!
This certainly is more comfortable but still I don't feel it.
Something is standing between me and my relaxation.
It's the hat!
You might not know this, but with all my curls, it gets hot under there.
Now maybe I can relax.

Let's see....
I have my hat off, my shoes on and I am reclined on the bed.
Have I achieved what I am after?
Not yet..... 

There! Just a little bend in the knee.
Now I can melt the day away and rejuvinate.

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  1. I LOVE this post! Her bucket hat is so cute! Love the idea to keep the "nosy hands" away!

    She reminds me of my 3yr old in my bed!