Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking Distance

On days like yesterday I am thankful that we live a short walking distance from civilisation - read restaurants, banks, playgrounds, grocery stores, coffee shops, toy store, book store, metro stations, bus stops, friend's houses, and Jeff's work in Georgetown. I could even walk to the yoga studio if I really wanted to.

Hungry, tired and sick, I had no other resort than to put JR back in the stroller and head out to one of the best burger places in town. I did have food at home but I did not feel like making any of it; I was tired of chicken nuggets, did not want frozen pizza and had no sauce for pasta. The cold turkey sandwich was not appealing and the veggie burger did not make my mouth salivate. I wanted something hot, greasy, and served. I did not want to make it or clean it. I just wanted to eat it. And, I was willing to drag my tired self to that end. And after 30 minutes of debating with myself, that is what I did. 30 minutes after that I was fed and on my way back home.

Ah! The pleasures of "walking distance."

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