Thursday, June 7, 2012

Customer Service

Customer service could go either way, good or bad. When you think about it, it takes the same amount of time to be nice as it is to be rude. And yesterday two sales people chose to be the latter.

We had just entered the clothing store when JR asked to go to the bathroom. What is a mom to do? Of course ask if she could use the store's bathroom. Knowing very well I could do that since the last time we were there I was allowed to use it not once, but twice, I innocently approached the checkout registers and asked. "We don't have one," was the first response, "but you could use the one at the bookstore next door." I was in shock! Really! I confronted her by recounting what happened the last time I was there only to be tunred down again by the other person standing there stating, "we are not allowed to do that." At this point I was mad beyond belief at the rudeness; it was a simple request for a little girl. What was the big deal?

I stormed out of the store, took care of JR and then went home to type out a customer service feedback online about my experience. I am now waiting for the response; should I ever get one.

I do not know why this has stayed with me for this long. I usually try to let go of things in a timely manner. But there was something about being turned down, and they way that it happened, that made me feel like it was a personal insult, an injury to motherhood. Maybe they do not have kids of their own so they do not know about potty training. Or maybe they do have kids of their own and just want to make things difficult for me like perhaps they are for them. I cannot really tell why people act they way they do. I can certainly control the way I react to their actions, but this time they got the best of me for a little longer than they should have.

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