Sunday, June 24, 2012

In color

If I miss one thing about our house in Portland, it was the colors we had painted the walls; the yellow kitchen, the purple dining room, the blue living room and the red fireplace. While we may have waited too long to change the color of our life there - we moved a few months later and had to return the walls to their boring but sellable white color - we enjoyed living in color.

We are now 18 months away from our lease's end and we finally decided to do something about the walls. While we painted what was supposed to be JR's room - it never really became her room and although her clothes, books and art supplies are kept there, it is still "the office" - almost 3 years ago, we never really bothered with the other walls. We figured we would just make do. But with so much time still left for us in this four-square enclosure and with JR and I spending a lot of our time in it, we bit the bullet.

And, for the past two days while JR napped, I painted. Below is the result. While it is not perfect, it is better than what we had to start with. And while I would certainly have preferred more even streaks, better coverage, and straighter edges, I will settle having a couple of non-yellow walls. We are living in color again!

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