Friday, August 9, 2013

What remains

Once upon a time JR's lemon tree of friendship was thriving. Friends came together to sip "tea," to celebrate, or just to be. While still summer, JR's tree is losing its leaves; some friends ceased to be, some moved away and others just got busy. Soon, the tree will lose its final leaf in the US, be transplanted and blossom somewhere else.
When this tree was first planted, I thought that friends were for ever. Then life happened, courses changed and opportunities bloomed. I know that nothing lasts forever but secretly I was hoping some things would. I knew that one day we would be moving, changing residences, changing cities and skylines, but I never expected the move to be so soon, or so far.
I am sad to see this tree go. It will be painted over like it never was. The birds ladybugs and butterflies will be taken down and the flowers will be picked and will wilt. The last leaf will hang on until the last day, but in the end it, too, will have to fall. But although the original tree will disappear the memories will live on. Some things are for ever; they are the ones you carry with you for always.
One day this sadness will be replaced with joy found in new places, faces, and experiences. The tree of friendship will bloom once again, and once again friends will gather round. The circumstances may be different but the heart will stay the same. What remains is distilled into the best memories and the favorite times. Those are what matter most.

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