Sunday, August 11, 2013

Preparing to move ~ banking

How many banks can you visit in one day? Yesterday we sought to find out. As we tie up loose ends here and get ready to manage our finances there, we toured the lobbies of three banks within 90 minutes of their opening times. First, we closed our accounts in one. Then we walked over to another to make a deposit. Finally, we went to a third to stash our valuables in a safety deposit box. While the banks were quiet and the service efficient, having two kids in tow proved a little challenging, especially when neither had slept well the night before. T.V., lollipops and ATM machines provided jus the right amount of distraction and interaction for the 3 year old while my mother's robe was, again, just what the 5 months old needed. By the end of the morning, though, everyone was ready for a nap.

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