Sunday, August 4, 2013

Preparing to move ~ packing

And so it begins! The great move of 2013 is under way. Day 2 of the preparations and things are looking good. The kitchen is almost all packed, the walls are almost all bare and the donation box is almost all filled. Still, toys are strewn on the living/play room floor, laundry is piled up on the bedroom couch, and dishes amass in the sink. In between the packing and the sorting life happens. Moments here and there with JR and JR. Hugs, kisses and games. Nursing, feeding, dressing and cleaning. Meals are served, conversations are held and love is shared all around. Amidst the boxes, there is time for play dates, for walks and for car rides. Brunch here, ice cream there, and a pool party. A weekend of sleepovers at Teta's house top the fun. Yes, things sure are looking good!

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