Saturday, August 24, 2013

Preparing to move ~ tying up loose ends

Between the packing and the moving, some things were left behind. Just when I thought we were done with the boxes and the tape, I had to make another run to storage for another drop off. Just when I thought I had everything I needed, I realized I needed one more trip to Target, another run through BRU, a last stop at Whole Foods. There was one more item to return to Amazon, one more bag to donate to a charitable cause, one last piece of furniture to pass on to our neighbors.
I thought the week after Jeff left would be quiet, but it was far from it. The phone kept ringing, the I-Pad kept buzzing and the kids took turns crying. I thought I would have time to read and write, but I barely had time to shower. I thought I would be taking nice long walks with my new double stroller, but instead I spent hours in the car driving from one place to the other. Cooking came to a complete stop, but laundry reached new heights. I am still puzzled at how much laundry one adult, a toddler and an infant can amass. I am also equally puzzled at how with "nothing to do" there still is a lot to do. Apparently loose ends have a life of their own!

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