Friday, September 28, 2012

Sand Art: A "Controlled" Mess Art!

The rain and the cold are upon us, and so is the hunt for engaging indoor activities. This summer, when it was too hot to be outside, I ran into Sand Art at the art supply store. I bought one package and brought it home. Soon enough, though, I had to make another run to the store to buy another package and now I am looking at needing even more. Within minutes of trying her hands at this new craft, JR fell in love with the creativity, the "controlled" mess, and the process. She now sets up the room for it, sets out the necessary tools and calls for me to "do craft with her." While the scenes still display summer, the timeliness of the activity is unquestionable.

Here is what we do when Sand Art is our activity of choice; 

 First, start off with laying the scene you want to "color" out on a separate piece of paper.
The paper underneath will serve to catch the extra sand that is poured out, collect it,
and funnel it back to the bag for use on another scene.

Then, lay the paper, and the sand, on a plastic sheet, to protect your floors and help with clean-up.

Pour sand out,

Level with fingers,

and tap off any excess.

This is how the extra sand is collected.
Now fold the paper to funnel it back to the bag.

And here is the finished product.
Display on your favorite wall or refrigirator door.

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