Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm on the phone; a photo story

Here is the story of a little girl talking to her friend while on a leisurely walk.

Hello, so and so, this is me, Jannah-Rae.
Yeah, I am sitting here in the stroller.
What are you doing?
How are your brothers and sisters?

The sun is out here, but it is not too hot.
No, I am not hungry.
I just had breakfast yesterday.
Yes, last Sunday we went for the walk, too.

Well, I cannot really tell you what I think.
Why? Because Mama can hear me.
She will be sad. I do not want her to be sad.
Yes, Baba is here, too.
Last time Baba and me went to the park;
the one with the sand.

You are really funny, you know that?!
I have to go now;
Mama wants her phone back now.
Ok. See you later.

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