Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Routine" ~ a photo story

We may not have our "routine" down to a science yet; JR still sleeps and wakes up at pretty unpredictable hours, eats when she's hungry, takes a bath at night on some days while skips it altogether on others, and randomly hangs out with friends depending on their availability.

One thing she does have down, though, is her "after the park" routine. Below is what she does once she has returned home, taken her shoes off at the door, and scrambled to the bathroom.

she climbs up these steps, and much to my worried surprise, all by herself,
sits on the counter, turns the water on;
luckily she knows to use the cold and not the hot water faucet,
adjusts the water flow; not too much or too little,

grabs the soap,
and proceeds to wash her feet,
and rinse them off, making sure she did not miss a spot,
and dries them off!
Now she is ready to play indoors!


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