Saturday, September 15, 2012

On-line dating: the story of us

We met over three years ago; online! We each had our circumstances which brought us to the cyber board that united us with our one common condition; being pregnant around the same time and having estimated due dates around the same month. And so it was a daily exercise to get on the board and share our concerns, questions, hopes, dreams, frustrations, motivations; you name it, we talked about it. One thing led to another and soon Stephanie and I were making a "yoga" date.

Months after we "met" online we decided to meet "in-person." We both loved yoga and decided to become yoga buddies. Every Thursday, for moths, after work we practiced prenatal yoga together and drove home together. We did not meet otherwise but looked forward to those 45 minutes of "me" time and catching up.

Then, JR came along. She was the first among her three peers to appear; she came early. Tessa followed. And, life became hectic. One day, we hear from another on-line acquaintance; Sonia. Sonia, was part of the February board so we did not know her as intimately as the other January Moms, but we were so thrilled that our in-person group was about to expand. Eleanor was also born early, which qualified Sonia to switch to our board. And one day, she showed up at one of our play dates. What a wonderful surpise. Back then, little did I know that Sonia would become my go-to person with questions and support, both in mothering matters, and life matters. All I knew at the first introduction was that I was opening my house to someone I did not know, who could turn out to be a complete psycho. I am glad I was wrong!

One visit led to another, and pretty soon we were having regular meet-ups and play dates. We would go to the breastfeeding support group meetings together, have lunch at Whole Foods, take walks, and hang out at each other's  houses.

Then, Stephanie's maternity leave came to an end. What a sad transition that was. A few short weeks after that, our group of three became a group of one, when Sonia, too, had to go back to her job. Little old me was the only stay at home mom, back then. Now, it is different; at least temporarily again. When, after a few months, back at work, Sonia annouced she was leaving her job, I thought the news was too good to be true. But it was! Once at home full-time, Sonia and I saw a lot of each other and kept up with seeing Stephanie. Although it is easier for me to hang out with Stephanie over the weekends, since she lives a few blocks away from us, we try hard to find times when Sonia is also free on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. Like today!

Today was a most beautiful day, and not because the sun was shining and the air was crisp, but because it was one of those weekend days when three friends, who a little over three years ago went on with their lives independently of each other, got together to share their lives. Life does work in mysterious ways. This way worked out to better the lives of three, then new, moms.

Stephanie, Ranya and Sonia

and, the reasons behind us;

Eleanor, Tessa, JR

Eleanor, Tessa, JR

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