Monday, December 22, 2014

Yousef's Reading List

On a cold Sunday the kids and I decided to head to the library for something to do. I had needed to pick out some books I had on hold and JR thought why not spend the afternoon reading and playing in the Library. Having little else in mind, that proved to be a genius idea.

When we were all settled the kids went to pick out a few books to read there and a couple to bring home for later. Each book was closely inspected to make sure it met the enjoyment criteria. Once done JR asked me how many she and Yousef could "buy." "Six each," I responded, so she handed me the books. 

"Here is what Yousef is getting," she beamed, "One Ball, one Kiki, two Toot-Toot, one Baa, one Meow." And then she added, "baddak (you want) Choo-Choo?" And he nodded yes. 

"Here Yousef, here you go your books," as she handed him a couple to hold. "Let's go pay!" she continued as she made her way to the checkout kiosk. 

She, on the other hand, got one Dora, one Strawberry Shortcake, one Princess book, one book on tape  as she calls them and has gotten to recognize them from their purple rather than white tag, and two chapter books. Mama got The Silent Wife, Still Life with Bread Crumbs, and the Telling Room. We are all going to have a fun time reading. 

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