Sunday, December 14, 2014

Window Dressing

For a cold Sunday morning activity we decided to "do Christmas." While we do not celebrate Christmas, there was no reason why we couldn't join in the merry. Just like we found a way to be part of Halloween and make memories, I thought we could get into the happy Christmas spirit without having to share the beliefs of the holiday. With Yousef napping, Jannah-Rae and I decided to go shopping for decorations.

Michael's as everyone in the US knows is a monster arts and crafts store with a sale going on almost every day of the year. With Christmas approaching and a lull in the business, it decided to put everything Christmas on 40-60% off creating a perfect opportunity to shop. Armed with another 20% off entire purchase coupon, JR and I amassed two bag fulls of festive for less than $15. She even stopped by the demo table and made an elf.

Back at home JR unpacked her purchases and set to work. She spread out the branches on the artificial mini tree, opened the mini ornaments and hung up the star. She found the perfect place for her tree on the window sill and moved to frame her work. Snowmen in an array of media found their way onto the window; gels, paint, stickers. Then the snowflakes came, and the lights on the railing. Finally, she laid out what gifts we had already received, and made sure to put out the reindeer flying dust she made at the Winter Wonderland.

She stood back to inspect her work. "Will people see our decorations?" she asked. Of course, came back the reply. "Will they love it?" "I love it," I said, "do you?" "Yes, mama." "Then, that is all that matter," I stressed and continued to compliment her on her work.

Since then whenever she comes back from school, she wonders about our window; can people see it from their cars, do they look up as they are walking, do they stop and stare. Part of her afternoon routine has become to adjust the stickers that are coming off, check if the paint is still holding, make sure the ornaments are not falling, and keeping her brother away from the window. "No, Yousef, do not touch," is constantly echoed in the living room. But of course Yousef touches, and the fun begins!

Happy Holidays!!!

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