Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two girls in a basket

Two girls in a basket,
sharing smiles.
Their moms nearby,
sitting for a while.

Curls in their hair,
flowers, too. 
Pants, skirt,
and a tutu. 

What they wore didn't really matter,
They were there for the fun and the chatter. 

Two girls in a basket,
playing pretend.
Laughing, giggling,
being each other's friend.

One day they were so close,
now they are far away.
Separated by miles
and ocean's sway.

Still they ask about each other's being,
Where they are, how they are, when will they be seeing. 

Two girls in a basket,
oblivious to life's demands.
Quickly learning,
and growing up too fast.  

Will they ever be together again?
Only time will tell.
But in the past they live together,
And in photos they dwell.

People come and go,
but friends stay on,
Some day, some where, 
one warm dawn.

The basket will be too small for them then,
The place, the clothes gone too.
The memory will fade, I am sure,
But the girls will continue to shine through and through. 

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