Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lemonade in Winter

There are a few children's books that bring a smile to my face and call on to me to add them to our (limited) library. With so many books out there, and so little room in here, I much prefer to check them out of the library to check them out. But some times some of these books are too good to return. So I decide to buy them. 

My most recent purchase after a successful six week run on someone else's dime is Lemonade in Winter: A Book about Two Kids Counting Money. The subtitle sums up why I loved this book! 

$ - Two kids: an older sister and a younger brother. 
$$- Counting money: dipping into their piggy bank to fund their business. 

Yet I loved this book, and the characters, for more than just that. It is a book about entrepreneurship, persistence, creativity, and rebound. And of course, math.  

While it was a cold snowy day, and in spite of their parents' discouragement, Pauline and John-John set up a lemonade stand with the quarters they had saved. On an empty street, they then find ways to market their cold drinks on a cold day to the few cold customers. Once they sell out of the three versions of their product, they count their sale; and this is where I completely saw myself in Pauline, and Jeff in John-John. To find out why, you are going to have to read the book!  

We borrowed the book on CD and the narrator caught our attention with her voice, and the catchy refrain. She even had Yousef singing along with the kids. I couldn't listen to it often enough in the car and even used it to stay awake one evening on our drive back from Arlington.

You can buy the book here, or check it out from your local library! 

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