Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beirut Marathon 2013/14

I woke up into life on another Sunday. I did not want to get out of bed yet and so I did the usual: check status updates on Facebook. "Walkers and runners, the streets are ours today," said one update. It was from a friend in Lebanon. I moved on. Then it struck me: this time last year the kids and I were in Beirut, and we were part of the Beirut Marathon. How easily time slips by and how fast one moves on. No matter how slow I go about my days, they just seem to pile up behind me.

Here is an excerpt of the post I wrote last year, almost year to date.
For years I have wanted to walk a marathon. Every chance I get I think this is the one I will do. Then I never get around to it. I either am busy with other things, have not trained, pregnant, on bed rest, or just plain lazy. This year, though, the chance landed in my lap out of the blue.
In Beirut, with family around and nothing to do, I decided to take the challenge head on. My cousin and her husband had already registered for the marathon and had an extra bib on hand. "Of course I would go," I responded and the next thing I know it was Sunday and time to head out.

For the full text, go to 10k with 10k.

Happy Sunday!

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