Friday, January 17, 2014


Eleven years ago, while I was going about my daily work requirements I came across an ad in a local paper. An international organisation was hiring. I was looking. I made it a match. I rewrote my resume, refocused my areas of study and expertise and put  my name in the hat. I did not expect much, but I thought to try. 

A few days later, as I was driving back home from work my cell phone rang. I picked up, of course. It was an international call. I parked on the side of the road. I listened to the voice speaking from the distance. It was a voice my mind had heard before, someone I knew from long ago but never really met. I had been selected for an in-person interview in a few weeks. I started counting the days. I needed a face to that voice. 

The day of the interview came. I left work as usual, changed into formal wear and headed towards the address. I took the elevator, made the introduction and entered the cubicle. There I met him: the blue-est blue eyes, the shiniest of blond hair and the softest voice. I knew it then. My fate was sealed. 

We chatted, we parted. I did not get the job. I got an extended arm, instead. Tens of emails, phone calls, and MSN chats later I was on a plane with a one-way ticket. I never looked back. 

The story started eleven years ago to the day: in 2003 January 15th fell on a Wednesday, this year it fell on a Wednesday, too. Life comes to a complete circle, its all cyclical in the end. I made it a point when I was in Lebanon to find the document that had changed my life. This year I am looking at another document that I am hoping will also change my life. The road leading to 2003 was not easy, but the journey was worth it. The road from 2013 may also not be easy, but I am certain the journey will be worth it. There is only one way to find out! 

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