Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 ~ year in review

JR turned three.
I was still on bed rest.

I developed preeclampsia.
The last member of our family was born.
JR had her first overnight stay at Teta’s house.

JR received her own “baby born,” a $100 doll from FAO Schwartz. She named him Yousef pretend. 
Yousef met Grandma for the first time.


Jeff sat for his comprehensive exams.
The kids, my mom and I went for our Lebanese Mother’s Day photo shoot a month later.


Jeff turned 43.
We took our first family-of-four vacation and headed to Baltimore.
We sat for our first outdoor/family photo shoot.
Jeff passed his comprehensive exams.


We had a second outdoor/family photo shoot.
Yousef started potty training.
JR started swimming lessons.


We celebrated 9 years of marriage.
We hosted our first poolside cookout.
Our annual zoo membership expired.

Our second family-of-four-vacation: a three-day stay at a local resort.
Jeff left to teach at a university in Morocco.
The kids, my mom and I enjoyed another getaway at the same resort.

I celebrated my 36th birthday.
The kids and I left for Morocco

I became a volunteer.


JR started a part-time preschool in Ifrane.
Yousef got his first teeth.
We took a trip to Casablanca and went to the beach


JR and Yousef took their first train ride.
Yousef arrived in Lebanon for the first time and JR for the second.
The family separated for the longest time since it began. 

The kids and I walked our first 10k.

JR had her first “birthday at school” celebration.
The family reunited. 

Yousef started to walk.
Yousef witnessed his first new year’s eve.

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