Thursday, October 30, 2014

A "Perfect" Day

My days are far from being perfect. There is always this and that left to, this person to call and that issue to deal with. The sink is never empty and the laundry is never done. Meals are cooked to order and cleaning up takes more time than enjoyment. One or both kids are regularly vying for my attention, in need of something or just wanting a hug. Most days I just want to pull my hair out, leave the kids at home, and walk as fast as I can in the opposite directions. I distract myself with my phone, pretend a chore is taking longer than it needs to, busy myself in the office just to get a moment to think.

And yet, my days are perfect. They are filled with love and affection, attention and gratitude.

Fall has been amazingly mild this year and we have been blessed with being able to savor it almost daily. As the last day of October approaches I look back and can only remember one rainy day when the kids and I had to walk back from the school in the wet. Some days are colder than others but twice this week we were out in short sleeved attire to bask in the sun. The days are short, but the list is long. On top of it is Enjoy! Enjoy every day while you can. It is followed by Walk. Walk as much as you can, absorb the sights and sounds. Remark on the trees. Notice the sky. The moon is shining. The stars are out. What a beautiful sunset. Look at the clouds. It is too dark today. "Why is it still dark?" Pick up leaves. Fill the bag. "I want a red one, Mama." "Look at this one, Baba." 

My days are far from being perfect, and yet they are. 

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