Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Yolks

Life in Ifrane was definitely full of firsts: first international trip solo with two kids, first separation from extended family, first experience in country living, first immersion in a new culture, first realization that life could be so much more with so much less, and first taste of the abundance of nature

Growing up I have memories of stories told of two yolk eggs. My uncle was one who repeatedly spoke of these rare eggs and how surprised and delighted he gets when he cracks an egg to find two yolks. But while I had heard of them before, I had not met one in person. And while I carried his stories close to my heart and in my memory into adulthood, I thought these eggs were a myth until one day in Ifrane. 

As I was making breakfast one morning, the mythical magical eggs came to life. As I pondered which egg to take out of the refrigerator, I deliberately chose the larger egg. I was being a mom and wanting JR to eat I needed to provide more substance with only one egg. The egg seemed exceptionally big compared to its compatriots but I did not give it a second glance and thought that eggs came in all different colors and sizes. It was not until I cracked it open that I received the gift that was inside; two yolks to one white. Certainly a lesson in humility, abundance and gratitude. Finding the extraordinary in the every day and God every where. I paused, took a photo, savored the miracle of life in its simplest form, and moved on to enjoying the bounty of nature, sharing it with those nearest and dearest to me. 

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