Saturday, February 8, 2014

Painted Toes

Some time ago I signed up to receive Emerging Women's newsletter in my inbox. Every week I get an email and most of the times I immediately delete it without going through its content first. Every once in a while I stop and read in the hope of finding a message that resonates with me, words of wisdom I can take and make my own, actions I can foster and form into a habit. Last week I heard my calling.

The email, received on February 2nd, was titled "The Power of Choosing Your Words Wisely." I had an "Ah-ha" moment. For some time now Jeff and I had been discussing the power of words and how words affect our perceptions, and our actions. But discussing and seeing are different things, at least to me. Some people learn by hearing, some people learn by seeing. I am of the latter. Seeing the words on paper struck the cord that Jeff had been trying to strike for years. I copied the quote, published it on my blog, and proceeded to read the post.

There were a few items on the agenda but only one that stopped me in my tracks: "From Stupid to Silly with Self-Love." The item summary went as follows: "It’s not only the words we say that have power, but also the words we think." Another "Ah-ha" moment. Another lesson I have been trying to learn. I clicked on the article and read on. It made sense. I wanted to delve deeper. I clicked on another link. It lead me to the Self Love Movement. I was skeptic but kept on reading. Both kids happened to be napping together, the dishes were done, the house was clean, dinner was ready and laundry was growing behind the bathroom door, so I had time to explore.

And explore I did. And downloaded the free e-book offered on the site. It was free so I had nothing to lose and so much to gain. And gain I did. I have only had the book for a few days and read through the first few chapters and yet I can say with confidence that it has had changing effects on me. I had posted about my change in perspective and how I was finally good and ready to perceive what has always been in front of me. Well now I am starting to put this change in perspective into action.

Throughout the book Daylle poses exercises to aid in breaking the pattern of negative self-talk and foster self-love. And while I am yet to fulfill many of these one that I have been consciously and duly applying is showing myself love randomly throughout the day. From lighting a scented candle, to taking a shower, to eating chocolate I have been mindful and deliberate in my effort at being kind and loving to me. So rather than doing the dishes today, I painted my toes. The bottle of manicure had been sitting on the shelf since we arrived in Ifrane, and before that it had sat unopened in the bathroom cabinet for at least three seasons. It was a gift from my mom and I had been too lazy and too cheap to try it out; I did not want to spend the money on nail polish remover and I could not be bothered to take it off even if I had had the nail polish remover on hand. Today, though, I said "enough!" It was time I made time to enjoy the little things, like red toes. And so, I painted them and marveled at how little time it took to do something "nice" to myself. And by doing that, I made myself feel good, which in turn translated into having a better day. Why had I waited so long for this? Because, I was just not good and ready yet!


  1. Glad my book motivated such a fun loving act! Have you seen my video on self-love that just went up?

    1. Thanks for sharing it! I had not seen it yet.